How we rank

Based on information collected and analysed by industry professionals, TrustedCasinos provides unbiased reviews of online casinos. Our team is working daily to ensure that players receive only the most up-to-date information.

Our Casino Testing Methods

TrustedCasinos’s full process for testing casinos includes 3 key steps:

  1. Comprehensive analysis;
  2. Collecting data;
  3. Analysis by experts.

Ways to do research

  • Check to see if the casino is legal and has a licence;
  • Discover the gambling establishment’s licence number in the Gambling Commission’s official database;
  • Look for verification seals issued by impartial testing organisations like eCOGRA;
  • Verify the website’s security settings, such as its encryption type;
  • Verify the website’s age and the length of time it is been up and running.
  • Find out more about the casino’s parent company;
  • Discover Casino Affiliates;
  • Get user feedback on different online casinos.

Data collection process

To collect user-relevant data, TrustedCasinos specialists:

  • Determine how long it takes to get registered;
  • Verify the account and pay close attention to the Know Your Customer (KYC) paperwork and process;
  • Make sure the navigation works on various devices;
  • Learn more about the various casino app options and how to get them;
  • Play the most played casino games and keep a tally of how many different types of games there are;
  • See what the smallest and largest wagers are for the various game types;
  • Explore the website’s available software providers and their games’ features;
  • Verify the fees, minimums, and timeframes associated with the various deposit options;
  • Restrictions and guidelines;
  • Check out how responsive and helpful the casino’s support staff is.

Objective analysis and review

With the help of the TrustedCasinos analytical system, casinos can check how they stack up against the competition. When conducting research on online casinos, Anonymous Tests with Real Accounts prefers to create accounts under a pseudonym. This ensures that the reviews are genuine and objective. Here are the points we pay attention to:
Usability and User Interface
Each casino’s website is scrutinised by our experts to guarantee that it provides a user-friendly experience. They investigate each section to see if it is well-organized, if players can easily locate the data they need, and if there are any problems.
Casino Applications
The casino app simplifies the gambling process and may even provide access to additional casino features. Our experts will check to see if there are iOS and Android apps for the casino, and if so, they will install them and test them out to ensure they work properly.
TrustedCasinos gives considerable weight to a casino’s established reputation as part of its evaluation criteria. Two, we will have our experts read the entire Terms and Conditions document and underline any particularly salient provisions. Furthermore, they identify dishonest data. Experts at TrustedCasinos consider the full scope of a casino’s operation, from its products and distribution channels to its age in the industry and longevity in the market. In addition to compiling this data, reviewers of online casinos are always on the lookout for any holes in the operation’s honesty and integrity.
When reviewing an online casino, we make sure to try out multiple different payment options. When making their first deposit, they do so by entering their details and depositing the minimum required amount. They take the money out of the account to check how long the transaction takes to process. The team also keeps an eye on the maximum withdrawal amount stated in the T&C to avoid going over the withdrawal limit.
Mobile version
Since many gamblers prefer to use their mobile devices, it is crucial that online casinos accommodate them. So, the experts who compile our reviews of online casinos check them out on mobile devices, inspecting each element closely to determine whether or not the interface appears cluttered or tedious to potential customers. TrustedCasinos also verifies the mobile and desktop versions to ensure parity.
Slot machines
Experts from TrustedCasinos put a wide range of video slots through their paces, including 5-reel games, Progressives, Classics, Jackpots, and more, to determine which casinos offer the best slot machine play. They are checking out the quality of service providers and the total number of slot machines to see if the establishment offers a good selection. They put in a small initial investment and tried their luck at several different slot machines. The payout ratio is checked at T&C or other specialised testing agencies like eCOGRA (if any) to ensure that the casino games are legal.
Live Games
When it comes to live dealer games, the first thing our experts consider is the betting limits available. They go into the betting halls of various games and place wagers in accordance with the regulations of each. The next step is to find a reputable service that offers multiple games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat in real time.
Testing on mobile devices
Experts in the field of online casino reviews routinely check the site out on a variety of devices (including smartphones and laptop computers). They checked the gaming system for bugs with an iPhone 13 Pro and a 13-inch MacBook Air. In order to discover how user-friendly the casino is, it is helpful to conduct tests across a variety of devices.
Support Staff for Customers 
Help from a customer service team is essential when things go wrong. Our staff would greatly benefit from constant access to support channels like live chat and email. Additionally, they contact them to determine their dependability. Our team is also exploring pre-registration support options and VIP services to provide players with a higher level of service.

When a gambling establishment fails to meet the criteria, what steps are taken?

If a web-based gambling establishment satisfies all the aforementioned criteria, we will not hesitate to suggest it to our readers. The casino will be added to the blacklist if it is located too far from the target area and poses a security risk to its customers.

We know that our readers can trust that the casinos we list here will provide a fun and secure environment in which to gamble. Our team of experts has thoroughly investigated each casino on our blacklist and advises against visiting these sites due to the risks involved.

  • Disgraceful squandering or confiscation of prize money.
  • Unreliable or unsatisfactory interaction with customers.
  • Wins are taking too long to process and pay out.
  • Site insecurity and game randomization.
  • Problems obtaining bonus payments.

During our thorough research or in response to the helpful suggestions and complaints of our readers, we may come across such questionable resources.


Does TrustedCasino’s review process take paid partnerships’ revenue into account?

There is no effect of paid partnerships on the reviews posted on TrustedCasinos. We do not receive payment from approximately thirty percent of the casino brands that we list, and we do not always recommend to our customers casinos that have financial arrangements with us. Our primary focus is on the customer, and we provide them with professional and unbiased reviews of online casinos.

How much time is required for a comprehensive evaluation of each online casino?

Online casino reviews can take up to 12 hours to complete from start to finish, and that does not include the time needed to check for errors. The professionals at TrustedCasinos know exactly what information you need and where to find it, saving you time and effort.

When it comes to online casino reviews, how frequently does TrustedCasinos make updates?

Throughout the year, TrustedCasinos updates each of its reviews of online gambling sites multiple times. The evaluation group stays current on developments in the gambling industry, including legislation and novel casino additions. TrustedCasinos also attends iGaming conferences around the world to stay abreast of developments in the industry generally and in specific regions. Keeping up with the latest developments in the online gambling industry is easy thanks to their rigorous research process.

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